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Friday, March 03, 2006

Germany Launch Update

The official launch date for Germany is moved forward to Tuesday 25 April 2006 (from Tuesday 2 May 2006).

  • Business Kits and Retail Kits will be available to order from that day - Tuesday 25 April 2006.
  • Cost of kits will be confirmed end of March 2006.
  • On-line registration is available - Tuesday 25 April 2006.
  • There will be one catalogue (main book) available at launch - 88 pages.
  • A Specialogue (to accompany main book) will become available end of May 2006.
  • Fulfilment will be from Warmley until the new European distribution centre comes on-line during August 2006.
  • The German call centre (with German personnel) in Warley will be available from 20 March 2006.
  • German launch conference is in Bonn on Saturday 6 May 2006.

EEZEE TV channel no. update

I am pleased to confirm that eeZee tv will make their delayed change to CHANNEL 657 on the 28th February 2006.