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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Kleeneze Christmas Conference News 2006

The Kleeneze Christmas Catalogue front cover product is... the Relaxin' Reindeer A fantastic product to demonstrate and sure to be a huge seller over the next few months. The Christmas brochures are available in packs of 50 for just £8.50 on order code 05770. They also come with retail kits (in place of the Summer Savers Brochure).
New Cabouchon Jewellery supplement, which is great for this time of year. More good news is that ALL Cabouchon products carry full spv, paying full retail & volume profit and royalty bonuses.
The Spring specialogue will be replaced by a fantastic Garden & DIY brochure.
The Kleeneze Plus brochure will now be incorporated into the main catalogue.
The Health & Beauty brohures will now come out at the same time as the new edition main catalogues - no more ordering packs of H&B's at seperate times.
New new 60-page Christmas specialogue is laid out in a more customer-friendly format. It's the product of 8 months of consumer research.
The 2007 European Conference destination is... Cannes, in Southern France!
Yet more cars given away: two Mini-Coopers and a BMW 3-Series!
Kleeneze distributors in Deutschland & Nederland can now place orders via fax.

Friday, July 07, 2006

More People Looking for Extra Income

“With the cost of living ever increasing, people are looking for opportunities to earn extra income to allow them to live the way they want to! They want the flexibility to work from home within the hours that suit them. They want the ability to use their own skills and develop, as well as learn how to manage, support and motivate others to earn extra income, while still earning extra income for themselves.”
Alan Sugar.

As more and more people are borrowing money on credit cards, taking out loans and remortgaging their homes, then more people are in need of extra income to help repay these debts. Consumer Credit Counselling Service (CCCS) is one of the UK's leading debt charities and they claim there is a sharp increase of younger people (18 - 25) seeking debt advice. The CCCS said the increase was due to young people embracing freely available credit as a "way of life" in the form of student loans and credit cards. To read the full article, please visit: .

At the other end of the scale (those aged 55+) is another issue - pensions. The pension crisis has been well documented. Many people simply don't have enough funds available for a comfortable retirement. As the 'baby boom' generation fast approaches reitrement age, then more and more pressure will be put on the tax payer to help subsidise the pension shortfall. There has even been talk in government of scrapping the retirement age. To find out how the current pension situation evolved, please visit: .

"There is no doubt that there is a need to provide opportunities for people to generate additional income. On top of this need is people's quest to find a work/life balance. For me, that is where direct sales and network marketing opportunities such as Kleeneze are so powerful. They provide the opportunity to work from home, to have flexibility of hours, and offer unlimited income potential. As direct sales and network marketing enters it's 'Shakeout' stage as described by world-famous authour Edward Ludbrook, now is a fantastic time to
get involved." -- Nishita & Graham.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Germany Launch Update

The official launch date for Germany is moved forward to Tuesday 25 April 2006 (from Tuesday 2 May 2006).

  • Business Kits and Retail Kits will be available to order from that day - Tuesday 25 April 2006.
  • Cost of kits will be confirmed end of March 2006.
  • On-line registration is available - Tuesday 25 April 2006.
  • There will be one catalogue (main book) available at launch - 88 pages.
  • A Specialogue (to accompany main book) will become available end of May 2006.
  • Fulfilment will be from Warmley until the new European distribution centre comes on-line during August 2006.
  • The German call centre (with German personnel) in Warley will be available from 20 March 2006.
  • German launch conference is in Bonn on Saturday 6 May 2006.

EEZEE TV channel no. update

I am pleased to confirm that eeZee tv will make their delayed change to CHANNEL 657 on the 28th February 2006.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Welcome to the Serious 2nd Incomes Blog

Here's some news from the recent 2006 New Year sales conference...

  • Launch date into Germany will be May 2nd, 2006.
  • The German Launch Conference will be held on Saturday May 6th, in Bonn, at the Maritim Hotel.
  • Kleeneze distributors feature once again in the national press, see here - Kleeneze Newspaper Article.
  • The 2007 international conference destination is Mauritius - the jewel of the Indian Ocean. The hotel is the world famous One&Only le Touessrok.
  • Any new distributor who retails >£764 in their first 4 weeks, will receive a free retail kit from Kleeneze.
  • Any distributor who reaches gold & maintatins it for 6 consecutive periods will receive £1000 worth of European Home Shopping Vouchers that are redeemable from any company within the group i.e. Kleeneze, Farepack,, Kitbag.
  • Kleeneze launch their first slimming product - YouSlim. This revolutionary aid to slimming has been produced by top British scientists. Distributors will be able to market this fantastic product to their customers via promotional leaflets within catalogue packs, via personal recommendations or even party plan.
  • Kleeneze paid out £40,102,000 to their distributors in 2005. This isn't including free cars, cash rewards and foreign conferences.
  • Kleeneze made history in the European Network Marketing industry by giving away 11 cars to top performing distributors for the period Sep - Dec 2005. The cars were worth over a quarter of a million pounds!
  • On March 7th, eeZee TV (Kleeneze's home shopping TV channel) will broadcast the international conference from Rio De Janeiro.
  • The service centre will be adding an additional 30 phone lines, to deal with customer and distributor enquiries.
  • New main catalogue and new year sales brochure launched, offering customers more than 200 new and innovative products.